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Will Covid-19 turbo charge the jewellery trade to a digital transformation

Will Covid-19 turbo charge the jewellery trade to a digital transformation

Have you planned for this crisis, not likely! How prepared were you when it hit and gave us all no time to react, probably like most businesses you did your best to manage, planning for this just wasn’t on the to do list. Either Covid-19 has been good for your business if you could react to its challenges and opportunities or it could be the end of your business, survival is now the only cause of action and this usually comes with the handwork and drive of startup business. Survival could depend largely on what digital preparations you have put in place over the last few years.

It’s time for a digitalised jewellery trade to emerge, but fast. If Covid-19 has shown us all one things its how vulnerable businesses are and the need for being digital savvy.

The organisations that will survive and thrive are the ones that can be agile and can respond in a flexible way, this is a perfect time for the independent and smaller businesses. Flexibility is key, dependent on your business to embrace the new digital world that we now live in as well as scale down costs of things not needed, saving your cash and possibly your business.

Independent retailers have an opportunity here, take back the high street from the mass of multiples that drown out choice and variety whilst delivering engagement and personal service that is a speciality to independent jewellery businesses.

Here are 7 points to consider about a digital future.

  1. On-line will become the norm – Customers have been forced to go on-line and post Covid-19 many retailers will never open on the high street again so now is a good time to get online, setup your own website, join marketplaces like Amazon, ebay or Etsy.
  2. Digitisation, a mega boast – Covid-19 has put the benefits of being digitally enabled in to the necessity, the driver for change. Jewel Ads is one such necessity for jewellery suppliers and retailers to find each other.
  3. Who needs an office – Businesses that have been able to adapt to staff working from home will question the need for expensive offices for their staff especially if saving money is top of the to do list.
  4. Business trip, why – Jumping in a car or getting on a train to attend business meetings will decrease significantly and the use of video conferencing will become mainstream.
  5. Digital flexibility – The age of having to be on a business network is dead. Accessing company resources over the internet will increasingly become a must, especially to reduce costs and enable home working and business flexibility.
  6. Online presence – If your business does not have a website, its just gone to the top of the business priority to do list. Ask yourself, how will new clients find me in a digital world of B2B.
  7. A social uptake – A company website is just the trade, its the social aspect that will help you become relevant and connect with new clients. New ways of being digitally social will emerge and businesses will need to explore them all and take advantage.

Will you be ready to take advantage of the opportunities and challenges of life after Covid-19. Customer, clients, consumers, whatever you call them have changed, their habits have shifted online and social distancing will be on many peoples minds for some time to come so whats you’re business doing about it?

A good place to start if you’re in the jewellery trade is list your business on Jewel Ads, the trades business to business directory.

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