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What box should you be working in?

What box should you be working in?

What box should you be working in?

Time is critical to everyone in society; it’s not just relevant to the jewellery trade; we all have this in common. One of the difficulties in time management is judging whether an activity is urgent, important, both or neither. We tend to do the most urgent tasks first without considering if it is the most important. Did you know there is a time management classification for everything we do?

The classification is first the urgency of a task (urgent or not urgent), and second is the importance of the task (important or not important)

Most people tend to spend their time in boxes 1 and 3. When you have many tasks and deadlines, prioritising tasks equalling time can happen according to who shouts the loudest and last or from a senior colleague. This can stop people from questioning and probing to identify the fundamental importance and urgency of the task. Any spare time is typically spent in box 4, completing tasks that are non-productive. And box 2 is where people spend less time even though this is the most critical area for success, development and pro-active self-determination.

Jewel Ads understands the importance of time, which is why the services offered – online trade shows, directory and news – have little or no impact on your schedule. All setup, designs and artwork are done in-house by us, we do all the work for you so you can focus on your day to day business activities and what box you should be working in.

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