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What are the advantages of Customised, Branded Giftwrap?

What are the advantages of Customised, Branded Giftwrap?

What are the advantages of Customised, Branded Giftwrap?

Given that most packaging is quickly discarded into the (hopefully) recycling bin, is expensive and carefully designed branded gift wrap worth the investment? Yes. At Kudos Giftwrap, we’ve seen the results in terms of improved sales figures and customer loyalty across a wide range of ecommerce sectors, and you don’t have to compromise on sustainability to obtain striking and one-of-a-kind packaging for your products.

In this article, we look at the psychology behind branded packaging and why paying attention to branded product packaging could offer a generous payback!

It can be used as a gift branding tool

Gift wrap is a powerful advertising media, with unboxing being a powerful component of the online shopping experience. Most people can’t wait to open their product when it arrives on the doorstep, and attractive, well-designed gift packaging increases the enjoyment. Unboxing is a social media phenomenon, too, with strong possibilities for businesses interested in the potential of ‘influencer marketing’ to reach new audiences.

Google reports that there are more than 20 million search hits for ‘unboxing experiences’ on YouTube, and that 1 in 5 people say that they have watched an unboxing video. Researchers have described the unboxing experience – where social media users open a product and describe their feelings – as “hedonic and emotional”. In other words, it draws upon the full psychological impact of the brand identity. As a marketing platform, branded gift wrap is therefore able to reach an audience who are engaged, excited, and willing to experience something unique.

Top tip

When planning branded gift wrap for a social media unboxing experience, think about how the colours, design, and texture will perform on camera. Equally, consider the practicalities, such as how easy the branded gift box is to open!


It improves your customer experience

The shift to digital during the pandemic meant that consumers missed out on much of the retail experience. Many bricks-and-mortar independent boutiques, which brought brands to life as 3D immersive journeys, disappeared between 2020 and 2021. As such, branded ecommerce-focused gift wrap has become the first line of physical contact for many consumers. Carefully thought-out gift wrap can recreate the immersive experience, taking customers on a journey into the identity of your brand.

Top tip

To create immersive branding, think carefully about the full sensory experience of unboxing, and also of the practicalities of delivering your product safely and intact to your customer’s home. Dented or scratched packaging sheds an unfavourable light on the product within, even when it has done its job of protecting the item, so it pays to invest in durable packaging with extra protection for the corners of boxes and other weak points.


Send the right messages

Gift wrap and giftboxes are important communicators. Opting for personalised branding shows consumers that the company has confidence, financial security, and control. It also shows customers that the brand cares about the unboxing experience, sending clear messages about customer value, organisational priorities, and the desire to build trust. These are all considered to be central to constructing consumer loyalty and sustained growth. As such, personalised gift wrap can offer a host of benefits for retailers keen to fully engage with their audiences.

Top tip

Make sure that you determine which messages you want to convey before selecting branded gift packaging. Contemporary designs might look elegant, but if they don’t encapsulate your brand there will be a lack of coherence across platforms. If in doubt, ask a design team for help in analysing, clarifying, and producing the right messages.


Next steps

Branded gift wrap is as important as any other advertising platform, and the team at Kudos Giftwrap know that it pays to get it right. To speak to one of our designers today, please call 01923 953040.


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