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Wakefields Jewellers – Premium Piercing Showcase

Wakefields Jewellers – Premium Piercing Showcase

Wakefields Jewellers – Premium Piercing Showcase

At Studex we love to celebrate the success of our incredible customers and are delighted to highlight how Wakefields Jewellers in Horsham, have transformed their piercing area to offer their customers an impressive, prestigious service and premium experience.

A family run business, the Wakefield story started in the late 1890s, with John Wakefield’s dream of opening a business. He achieved this in 1911 and the business continues to go from strength to strength today with Melanie and Dominic.

In store ear piercing

Recognising the importance of services alongside their extensive selection of high-quality products, Wakefields have been offering ear piercing in store since the 1960s. Their service is so popular locally that word of mouth ensures that they have built a formidable reputation and now with their new dedicated ear piercing room, have been able to share more content on social media platforms and their website, further elevating their service.

So, we asked Wakefields what Ear Piercing brings to their business?

“For many of our customers, visiting Wakefields as a child for an ear piercing was one of the very first times they stepped into our showroom. Decades later, many return as adults to purchase their wedding rings or fine jewellery, sharing memories of their experience with us, or even bringing their own children into us to continue the tradition.”

The experience that their customers enjoy is key to the business in promoting their reputation.

  • Every customer is offered a beverage from their luxury bar – soft drinks for children and coffee or bubbles for the adults
  • Customers are accompanied through to the dedicated ear piercing room, away from the buzz of the showroom to ensure they feel at ease
  • The friendly, fully Studex trained team members will talk customers through each step
  • After the piercing, the team will educate customers about the aftercare supply them with solution
  • Customers are booked back in for a 6-week check-up

When designing the piercing room, it was also important for Wakefields to ensure that this new area was fitting for their customer base, “We carry out piercings for customers of all ages and genders, from as young as 5 years old to even recently having a visit from a lovely lady who celebrated her 100th birthday by getting her ears for the very first time!” What a way to celebrate!

Wakefields have perfectly summed up what piercing with Studex can bring to your business:

“Ear Piercing is more than just a service we provide, it’s an excellent way of connecting with our customers and sharing in lasting, happy memories.”

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