Your Complete Yearly Marketing Solution

Its like having your own in house marketing team

Jewel Ads does all the artwork & setup

then we start promoting you

You just complete a quick onboarding form, we then start promoting and marketing your company so you can get on with your day-to-day business

The top reason marketers use social media is to raise brand awareness. For this reason, Jewel Ads is the perfect partner

84% of buyers will buy a brand they follow on social media over a competitor. Jewel Ads makes sure you have brand awareness

Two Key Services

Online Trade Shows & Directory


The online shows really are the marketing drive that helps build trade awareness and opportunities.

6 online trade shows in 2023, 80+ suppliers across 5 digital aisles to explore


The digital directory is the centre of all our services; listings last 12 months to give all year-round exposure.

All updates or changes are free to action, and then we'll share them via our news and social media.

Suppliers Also Benefit From...

Jewel Ads creates engaging digital content to drive attention to your brand


We do all the artwork, setup and marketing to build brand awareness so you can focus on your business


LookBook Plus is full of extra features & info for visitors, each trade show exhibitor has a Lookbook+, and these run for 12 months alongside the directory listing


Are you exhibiting at a trade event? Keep Jewel Ads in the loop, and we will promote your attendance and stand to drive visitors


13K + trade connections via social media which we are actively promoting suppliers to and promoting your news to the trade


We utilise LinkedIn as it's the only B2B social platform. If you don't have a business page we'll set it up and post your social posts during the shows


We create digital brochures as part of the shows and use them in marketing as well as being part of your show stand and LookBook+


Intro videos are created for both your Lookbook and social posts and great way to catch attention


We have an extensive email marketing list that is growing all the time and has an open rate of up to 65%


Some impressive general stats for Jewel Ads

Ben Poulsom - The Society of British Jewellers

It is great news that we have a digital trade show this year. With the cancellation of many of the physical trades shows we would have missed great networking and business opportunities. So thank you to the organisers for arranging this!

online trade show stats
65% email open rate

Jewel Ads email marketing achieved a staggering 45% to 65% open rate at the last show

40,000+ trade visitors

The online trade shows attracted an impressive 40,000+ visitors over 8 online shows

410,000+ LinkedIn impressions

LinkedIn is our main social platform for promoting suppliers, in 12 months we had over 410,000 impressions


6 Online shows per year

Exhibit at multiple shows

Marketing is a long-term game. To help with that, Jewel Ads was created to be an affordable solution for your business promotion needs.

We offer up to six virtual jewellery trade shows annually, so you can choose between two and six events to advertise your company. Four is the ideal amount, providing a whole-year campaign we take care of so that you can focus on running your business.

Mark Warr, from renowned multi store jewellers David Christopher

"What a great service and idea, perfect for the trade now and in the future. As a retailer I can easily find suppliers when I need to and then add to my favourites list for easy access later. I can't believe no one has done this before."

John Henn of Henns Family Jewellers

"Jewel Ads looks like a promising medium for communication between retailers and manufacturers that will be in real time. Some we know... lots we don't, and soon we will be able to view ranges with short video clips of our requested categories. I'm looking forward to using Jewel Ads as it settles into my everyday retail life."

Jamie Jones - Rocklobster Jewellers

Perfect !! Just what the Jewellery industry needs to drive It forward in very uncertain times. I believe the virtual trade show will be a game-changer and help bring suppliers and retailers together. To have a place that you can instantly search, peruse at your leisure, and then reach out to new suppliers at any time of the year is pure genius.

It’s great to see that Darren has the foresight to see what this industry has been screaming out for....

Paul Spurgeon - Paul Spurgeon Bespoke

Its been on the cards for years, trade shows just aren't what they used to be, we have needed an online service that brings the new technology and our traditional values of meeting people and handling goods together. Best thing I've seen for years.

FAQ's for the online trade show

No, there is no ecommerce function within Jewel Ads services. Jewel Ads is about building brand awareness and showcasing products and services and connecting the seller and buyer.

Jewel Ads are totally transparent about cost, we are here as an affordable route to market for all suppliers, click here to see full list.

Jewel Ads offers the oportunity to have an all year round marketing service. For example, by exhibiting at 3 shows you can spread the marketing effort throughout the year. On top of this we can keep promoting our news service and manage you LinkedIn business page

Our onboarding service takes away all the hassle, you simply complete a short form and we take over and do all the work for you, including creating the graphics.

Jewel Ads is about giving trade suppliers a marketing route to retailers and buyers that is consistent through the whole year. Regular and consistent marketing works within the trade so we are priced accordingly.

No, just what we display in our package prices. Jewel Ads creates all the graphics, profiles, video, voice overlays etc. 

No, the trade show will normally be open for 7 to 9 days. Unless you are offering a live presentation or one on one meetings you can go about your normal work and respond to enquiries in the usual way.

Yes, this is a very cost effective of having a website for small business and all updates and changes through the year are free.

We can provide a short unique URL


No, Jewel Ads can creates all the graphic for you, however you can supply your own.

Just complete a quick simple form and we take it from there. 

We will have a few questions later as we build your stand such as

  • Show offer
  • Press releases
  • Promotional material

Yes, you can offer online presentations or one on one meetings

No, we don’t offer any ecommerce but we do point visitors to your website

You simple give us admin access to your LinkedIn business page, we will then like, share and comment on Jewel Ads posts about your business.

NOTE: Comments are pre agreed

LinkedIn is the only business to business social media service but you still have to be careful to not attract consumer type traffic

We produce the digital brochure for sponsors and these can be used by the supplier to promote their business.

Please note, these are subsidised and have the Jewel Ads logo. Please discuss if you wish to remove our logo.

A truly exciting jewellery trade service
Jewel Ads, the digital space to find and be found

6 online jewellery trade shows per year

Media Partner

Proud media partner to the Jewellery Show, London.

Supporting Partner

Proud supporting partner to the Retail Jeweller UK Jewellery Festival

Supporting Partner

Proud supporting partner to the Professional Jewellery Awards


Member of the Society of British Jewellers

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