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Part of the ‘The Virtual Show Must Go On’ article

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In-real-life trade fairs may be mothballed for a while, but that doesn’t mean that hooking-up with friends, colleagues and customers old and new is out the window. 7

On 28th October the digital doors will be opening on the soft launch of Jewel Ads inaugural Virtual Trade Show – ahead of the official launch in February 2021. Here’s a taster of products and services visitors can expect to discover along the aisles.


While Stuart Pool of Nineteen48 is naturally looking to connect with new customers, he is especially keen to meet people across the industry who care about the sourcing of their jewellery materials. The company offers responsibly mined and fully traceable coloured gemstones from a number of carefully selected sources around the world, primarily Sri Lanka and Tanzania. “We can supply sapphire and ruby, as well as a wide range of other gemstones including aquamarine, garnet, spinel, amethyst, tourmaline, moonstone, chrysoprase, quartz, citrine, zircon, opal and topaz,” explains Pool.

Selling mainly to UK and overseas trade customers, Nineteen48 supplies everything from individual gemstones to large quantities of gems for wholesale or retail. “We aim to provide a competitive and affordable product, as well as a fair return to our partners,” he adds. “When you buy gems from us, you have the peace of mind that your jewellery will be made with a stone that is guaranteed ‘conflict-free’ and conforms to the principles of full disclosure and fair trade.”

The company is also a commercial enterprise with a social conscience. “It was always our intention to build a company that could contribute actively to charitable and community projects in the countries in which we operate. With the help of our customers, partners and supporters we’re making a positive impact on the lives of people in these countries and to ensure that they have a fair share of the profits derived from their labours.

“I think all online activities are going to be an increasingly important part of our business and our industry,” he adds. “It’s important to support people who are trying to help people connect at this time, when our normal face-to-face methods have been impacted so badly by the pandemic. However, even under normal circumstances, for a global business like mine, it’s essential to give my clients maximum opportunity and flexibility to engage with me and I can see that this kind of virtual event and similar activities are things that we should all embrace.”

Click here view and read full ‘The virtual show must go on’ article

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