JewelMaster software puts the full range of EPOS and back office functionality into the reach of all retail jewellers. “A jeweller no longer requires deep pockets to get everything from repairs and specials, to aged stock and sales by supplier reports,” explains Daniel Clark of Ryba Macaulay.

The software is designed to work with the full range of jewellery businesses, from those who want to retain their hand written invoices (just use the BackOffice), through to those who wish to automate their tills with touch screen technology (add in EPOS). As it has multi-store functions (add in Multi Store), it can easily handle those who have a number of outlets.

At the show the company will introduce the new Appointments addition, responding to demand in the face of Covid-19 restrictions. “We’ve added as much functionality as it required to support the needs of our customers” said Viv Burrows, technical director. “Either directly on the Calendar or via existing Special or Repair record, a user can add an appointment for a customer. A user would choose the date for the appointment and insert a Start Time. By clicking on one of the four preset time slots (30min, 60min, 90min or 120min), the system will insert an End Time. If needed, an automated email can be sent directly to the customer as the appointment is created. We know dates and times change, so this unique type of calendar entry does allow a user to change dates and times and re-send the appointment email”

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