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The power and influence of lighting

The power and influence of lighting

The power and influence of lighting

Lighting is vital in visual merchandising displays, highlighting specific products and the overall store atmosphere, influencing a customer’s purchasing journey. With 80% of our mood influenced by lighting, the sensory information the brain receives comes from our eyes; lighting impacts how we feel, what we think of a product and, of course, the choice to purchase or not. At each stage of a customer’s shopping experience, the use of light must be considered. Several aspects must be considered, including increasing footfall, showcasing products and generating sales.

So how do you create the perfect atmosphere with lighting? Display Lighting advises its clients on various lighting systems to strategically entice customers into a store, creating an atmosphere and environment that assists sales and communicates a brand’s identity.

Display Lighting, the name the high street trusts in jewellery lighting since 1999, is a leading UK manufacturer and supplier of specialist lighting of both LED and traditional lighting systems designed for illuminating jewellery.

The aim of the company, founded by lighting designer Paul Breedon, was to offer purpose-built lighting solutions to the display industry. Today Display Lighting has far exceeded its original aim, and it is established as a key player within the UK display lighting industry, offering innovative, attractive and reliable lighting solutions.

Jacobs Jewellers of Reading – “Not only does the right lighting make our products stand out, but by using LED luminaries there is virtually no maintenance required as well as a reduced running cost. We also have total control over lighting levels and colour balance –something we’ve never quite been able to achieve until now!” Adam Jacobs (Partner)

With years of experience in manufacturing spotlights and downlights designed to display jewellery and diamonds at their optimum illuminance, the company’s product designers have created some of the best luminaires. This ensures jewellery displays are illuminated precisely to the correct colour temperature and illuminate displays to their full potential while being functional and cost-effective.

The design of bespoke lighting solutions is a speciality of Display Lighting. The design team have worked closely with leading brands in the jewellery industry, including Tag Heuer, Link of London and Beaverbrokes.

For expert advice and to help boost sales and improve the interior design of your business, the sales team would be delighted to advise on finding the most effective lighting solution for your project and put together a lighting package to suit your business.

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