The Jewellery Show, the new trade show created by CloserStill and experienced jewellery trade show director Lennox Addo, is set to launch its much-needed debut event in September 2022; this exciting new show launches just as other jewellery trade shows fade away.

To help break into the UK market and connect with retail jewellery buyers it has partnered with Jewel Ads, the online B2B classified trade directory. Co-founded by Daren and Michelle Daniels, Jewel Ads brings a new dimension to the trade show format that will gives exhibitors a route to market all year round.

Lennox Addo, The Jewellery Show director says: “In these challenging and changing times of commerce, The Jewellery Show has teamed with Jewel Ads. Their platform is sector-responsive effectively communicating on a medium that the jewellery trade needs to utilise. Should you want leads and opportunities and a return on your investment then Jewel Ads should be part of your marketing strategy.”

Daren Daniels adds: “We are very excited about supporting The Jewellery Show. Adopting a digital B2B marketing strategy with LinkedIn, Twitter or Jewel Ads doesn’t mean disregarding traditional marketing with trade show like The Jewellery Show in London. Both approaches have their unique advantages and one cannot replace the other. Instead, both offline and online marketing efforts should be seamlessly integrated so they can support each other.”

The foundation of most B2B businesses is relationships. Relationships with future or current customers need to be nurtured over time and sustained to effect revenue growth. The key to developing these relationships is by backing up your digital touchpoints with offline support and vice versa.

Jewel Ads has been designed to become the definitive online resource for connecting jewellery retailers with jewellery suppliers – the go-to place that simplifies the first step in finding information and contact details of suppliers, products and services that are unique to the industry.