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Supplier Showcase – Virtual Try-On by Pickup Media

Supplier Showcase – Virtual Try-On by Pickup Media

Virtual Try-On by Pickup Media

Are your sales and income suffering as a result of the pandemic’s inability to conduct physical product demonstrations? Don’t be concerned!

The jewellery virtual try-on, like other try-on technologies, is a feature that allows customers to try on jewellery goods using any camera-equipped device. This technology, which uses Augmented Reality (AR), allows them to contextually imagine how a certain object might appear on them before making a purchase. It’s an augmented reality alternative to browsing for jewellery at a store.

It makes no mistake. Virtual try-on existed long before the pandemic, but the current turn of events in the public health department has increased its acceptance, making it one of the most important technologies for many retailers.

Benefits of Pickup Media
There are many advantages of using this technology.

  • Reduce the number of returns

Everyone has become an internet shopper as a result of the pandemic. All of those lockdowns and mobility limitations, however, have simply aggravated product returns. This comes as no surprise. When you take away their ability to purchase in-store in order to minimize the spread of the virus, you also take away their tactile shopping experience. In fact, for many people, online shopping has become a form of primal therapy. People have turned to internet shopping to increase their mood and divert them from their bleak situation because many are unable to see their loved ones.

One of these technologies is jewellery virtual try-on. This AR option has been welcomed by many as the solution to the growing returns in this pandemic, and it has been shown to cut product return rates by 27%. While the experience is not the same as actual shopping, the virtual application greatly assists customers in making educated purchasing decisions by filtering out inaccurate sizes and fits.

  • Make your brand stand out

Differentiation has always been a game-changer since it is something that can be created rather than found. Not all of your rivals are as clever as you in identifying their differentiators. As a result, in order to build it, you must first investigate the region that has the ability to make your brand stand out.

The jewellery virtual try-on is a wonderful differentiator for attracting attention, attracting your target buyers, and ultimately converting those leads into conversions. You create an interactive shopping experience that is positive, memorable, and highly relevant to your customers by allowing them to make educated purchasing decisions.

  • Increase the conversion rate

According to new statistics, items with AR content have a 94 per cent greater conversion rate than those without AR. This graph depicted buyers’ desires for AR-alternative apps when purchasing online. All of the advantages listed above have been combined into one, the conversion rate.

After all, when you implement features like a virtual jewellery try-on, your ultimate objective is to push your customers to take any action on your website, whether it’s filling out forms or checking out. The boost in conversion rate caused by AR-powered products like virtual try-on is a clear indication that shopping is more than simply a transaction. It’s all about providing a complete buying experience that encourages connection and involvement while also appealing to emotions.

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