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Supplier Showcase – JewelTrace

Supplier Showcase – JewelTrace


The RFID-powered live data analytics & inventory management solution for jewellers. They capture real-time data from your jewellery store to better analyse consumer trends, item performance, and sales conversions. Using their RFID jewellery software solution, you can track and find products instantaneously, as well as count your inventory in minutes.

Benefits of Jewel Trace
You will be glad to hear about the benefits of Jewel Trace.

  • Real-world data and essential tools for jewellers

JewelTrace is an RFID Jewelry Software Solution that provides data, business information, digital tools, and innovative track and trace of your jewellery goods from within your store.

  • Bringing jewellery and technology together. Easily.

JewelTrace makes it simple to collect data within your shop to help in critical business choices ranging from product to sales employees.

  • Analytics and business data

Customized business intelligence reports on goods movement in your store, as well as how sales, products, and people are performing.

  • Customer involvement

Digital technologies improve their purchasing process and speed up decision-making.

  • Methodology for marketing

Data is used to decide item promotions or write-offs, as well as product placement and virtual stock, which are used to offer things that are not physically in stock.

  • Customer insights and trends

Record consumer watching and purchase behaviour and design targeted ads to build loyalty and convince walkouts to come back in.

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