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Stonehouse Jewellery & Castings

One of Europe's leading jewellery manufacturers

Stonehouse Jewellery
One of Europe’s leading jewellery manufacturers.


Our aim has been to deliver an unrivalled combination of quality, speed and price. We apply this unique balance throughout our service offering, from Bespoke orders through to our range of jewellery mounts and can be displayed in our ability to achieve the fastest bespoke turnaround of any other jewellery manufacturer.

A Quick history

In 2015, Stonehouse were industry leading loose diamond suppliers to retail jewellers and manufacturers throughout the UK and Ireland.

With consumers across all markets accustomed to the ‘next day delivery’ E-commerce shopping mentality. Customers expect things quicker than ever. We identified the jewellery industry was falling behind and unable to deliver on fast turnaround, especially from a bespoke pont of view. Your customers don’t want to wait 4-8 weeks for bespoke jewellery to be made.

In 2017 we turned our hand manufacturing with the goal of cutting down industry lead times considerably with a fresh approach to the manufacturing process. Our selective recruitment process targeted the best in the industry in all departments, from CAD through to Mounters and Setters. This has allowed us to deliver swift turnaround times to a high standard that never compromises on quality.

Now we are one of the largest UK manufacturers of bespoke and off the shelf mounts in the UK and Europe, with customers strecthing as far as Australia.


Quality led and reliable casting at a competitive price

We cast most precious metals on a daily basis at a price that offers great value for money.

For todays price call us on 0121 551 2721

With combined casting experience in excess of 100 years, we pride ourselves on offering a swift turnaround, while respecting the casting process throughout to ensure only top quaity castings are achieved. 

Please get in touch for our daily casting prices.

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