Spotlight on Studex Piercing Partner – Judith Hart Jewellers

Studex have been lucky enough to work with the team at Judith Hart for years and have loved watching the business grow and grow and more recently seen the transformation of the piercing service area.

Judith Hart Jewellers was established in 1980 and began an ear piercing service within twelve months of opening the business.  At the time, very few jewellers, offered this service and Judith felt that it would be an excellent way to gain extra business especially with follow ups and earring sales going forward.  The business felt they were in a position where it was important in terms of volume for their business to connect at an early age with potential customers.

As part of Judith’s 40-year celebrations and as further commitment to the growth of the business the store has undergone a complete refit and refurbishment.  A specific area has been dedicated to ear piercing services which just reinforces the importance that Judith places on ear piercing and it looks incredible!

The area has been designed to be comfortable, hygienic, quirky and fun!  Judith comments that, “An important part of the experience is the interaction between the member of staff and the person having their ears pierced.  For many customers this will be their first visit to a jewellery store and the first connection with us.  It is important that the customer understands how the process works, what to expect and the importance of the aftercare and complimentary checks that are available to them.”

The business cites return visits as an important part of the service as they will hopefully result in added sales but most importantly that connection has been made and it is possible to start to build a relationship using social media and emails carefully selected and directed.

Judith Hart offers a bespoke package that includes a choice of earrings, aftercare lotion, full instructions and advice followed by recommended follow ups to ensure all goes well.  “Lots of customers like to take photos when they get their ears pierced or immediately after and the revamped area works well to provide an attractive environment to encourage this and engage with social media choices.”

As with many services, Judith Hart really benefits from “Word of mouth” which they have always found to be the best form of recommendation and social media options certainly reinforce this.

About ear piercing, Judith feels, “As a business, margin on the package is extremely good and this helps to encourage us as a business to continue to promote ear piercing as an essential offering.”