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Services and technology – essentials of the retail jewellery trade in 2022

Services and technology – essentials of the retail jewellery trade in 2022

The online pop-up event by Jewel Ads on the 2nd February, 2022 is focused on services and technology for one simple reason: they are essential business tools for the retail jewellery trade in 2022, both for the managing of a business and enhancing the overall customer experience for retail jewellers.

Services and technology are the enablers of a modern retail business, from speeding up processes and increasing sales, to improving customer retention rates and overall deliver cost-saving benefits to a business. Often these services are meeting the trends of the new consumer and their expectations, so it’s important that we find the tools to stay in tune with the shifting landscape that is now the norm for retailers.

Consumer buying trends of shopping online increased for obvious reasons during Covid, however in 2019 80% of shoppers still preferred to shop in-store. The in-store experience can lead to value-added services being delivered, or even additional sales… meaning additional revenue. For example, offering a design/bespoke service can bring great rewards to you and the customer when delivering what is fast becoming the norm for an independent. Pooja Sahny of Sierra Consultancy goes on to say: “Client expectations, even over the last few years, has greatly changed. They want to see high quality renders and potentially try on CAD models before they are finished. Having the ability to create your own CAD models in-house allows you to clearly communicate with them every step of the way, which allows for a quicker turnaround.”

Online repairs service is another example and can be offered via a third-party web service. The traditional offering sees the customer call into the retail store, however there is a new service that is meeting the consumer who needs to shop online. This gives a retailer the chance to increase repair business with a customer base they haven’t been able to meet before via a marketplace, third-party service. Abbie Shone from RPAIR says: “We are delighted to be exhibiting and supporting Jewel Ads to bring our service to the jewellery trade. RPAIR is a new smart platform that connects your workshop with online watch and jewellery repair customers so you can grow your repair business using the power of the internet.”

The Jewel Ads online pop-up events will run regularly throughout the year. The events are open to all industry colleagues to visit – you can explore the aisles as a guest visitor or register and take advantage of a number of members features.

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