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Q&A’s with one of the UK’s leading diamonds wholesaler Antwerp Diamonds

Q&A’s with one of the UK’s leading diamonds wholesaler Antwerp Diamonds

Q&A’s with one of the UK’s leading diamonds wholesaler, Antwerp Diamonds

Are you looking for a reliable and trusted supplier of high quality, timeless diamond jewellery? Look no further than Antwerp Diamonds Ltd! With over 30 years in the industry, this family-run business is renowned for its innovative yet wearable designs that have earned them a reputation as one of the UK’s leading designers. Whether you are a retail jeweller, wholesale jewellery supplier or service provider – Antwerp Diamonds Ltd has something to offer everyone, but first, lets here a little about the company its self.

Business Q&A’s

Q: Name 3 things that sum up your company’s offering 

Quality Jewellery made in the UK 

Loose certificated diamonds  

CAD design  

Q: What’s different about your company compared to others 

We are a small family company and customer service is paramount to us, we have had

some of our customers for over 30 years.

We provide a service and quality jewellery that we are proud of.

Q: Do you offer LGD, and where do you see this marketing going (if applicable) 

We don’t stock LGD, although we have made a couple of pieces for customers who have 

asked, for special orders.  

Q: Tell us where Antwerp Diamonds came from 

Antwerp Diamonds was started over 30 years ago, the name was representative of where 

the diamonds we used were from and the connections we had in Belgium.    

Q: What’s new and exciting in 2023 

We have a new website being built, which will be ready to launch soon, which is exciting, so watch this space! 

As well as the high end quality pieces of jewellery we have, we keep an eye on what’s ‘on 

trend’ and have capsule collections new for 2023. Yellow Gold continues to grow and 

providing collections which are more affordable is of vital importance in the current climate.

Click Here to read more about Antwerp Diamonds and view there lookbook

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