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Q & A with Michelle Daniels

Q & A with Michelle Daniels

Jewel Ads has been designed to become the definitive online resource for connecting jewellery retailers with jewellery suppliers, the go-to place that simplifies the first step in finding information and contact details of suppliers, products and services that are unique to the industry.

Created by two jewellery stalwarts, Daren Daniels and Michelle Daniels both with a passion to help and support the trade to being a digitally connected industry, today we ask Michelle a few questions to give a small insight into her busy life.

Why Jewel Ads
We launched the business after years of being in the jewellery industry. Both Daren and I have spent most of our life in this dynamic industry and we wanted to develop a service for the trade that creates opportunities.

How would you describe yourself in three words?
Passionate, approachable and pessimistic, I can’t help it I always think the worst in every situation and hope that I am pleasantly surprised.

What is your role in Jewel Ads?
I have had a connection with the jewellery trade all my life, mainly as a retailer so I get the excitement and frustration that retailing has from every angle. I think the key to my role is identifying opportunities within the trade and providing a cost-effective service for suppliers to connect and engage with retailers. Looking at the bigger picture and identifying what needs the trade may have online and to then deliver with our add on services.

What experience has enabled your position?
Retailing gives you experience in all aspects, the good and the bad and having this understanding helps drive Jewel Ads from the retailer’s point of view. It has been known on occasion for me to be stubborn in making sure we help retailers in finding brands, suppliers and services in a free subscription service, retailing has enough challenges and if we can help ease pressure then we are doing it right. Making it accessible in finding the right fit with suppliers and service providers for each of our members at any time of the year.

What is your favourite part of your job?
Getting feedback, I love to hear that what we are offering is exactly what retailers and suppliers need, wouldn’t you? I remember looking for new products and having to wait for annual exhibitions or for a rep to carry a new brand even though I really wanted the ranges sooner. Now with the online classified directory retailers can search at their convenience, no matter the time of day or month, and supplier’s lookbooks and virtual try-on brings a new dimension.

The online-pop events are exciting, there will always be a need for physical events but the fact we can help suppliers showcase their products and service to connect and engage with retailers frequently is amazing!

Why have you stayed in the jewellery trade?
Why would you leave! Well, actually, I did leave for a short while and headhunted in the retail industry, that was a major eye-opener, but I didn’t leave completely and head-hunted some exceptional retail sales professionals within the fine-watch sector.

Away from work, what do you enjoy doing?
I have 3 boys who keep me very busy, school runs can be a logistical nightmare, and of course, do you ever really switch off from work?

What is your future goal?
For Jewel Ads to be the go-to place for retailers and suppliers to connect and engage, we have some really exciting plans, I can’t wait.

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