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Presman Mastermelt

Servicing the jewellery trade with a complete in-house jewellery scrap and workshop waste processing service.

Reclamation Services

All jewellery workshop discards processed, including Lemel, Sweeps, Polishings, Extraction, Filtration and most types of flooring.

Supply, fit and process extraction bags.

Supply, empty and process waste from settlement tanks.

Workshop clean-up service.

Plating Solutions.

Diamond reclamation.


Jewellery Scrap

Visit Presman’s ‘trade only’ scrap buying counter in Hatton Garden and talk to our knowledgeable and helpful team who are always happy to advise you. Alternatively, send us your gold and platinum scrap and bench lemel, in our fully insured FREEPOST envelopes.

At Presman we use traditional acid testing, alongside the latest XRF technology, to quickly and accurately assess the value of your scrap. Same day payments via bank transfer, cash or cheque. Presman also offer a fast melt and assay service for mixed scrap and bench lemel.

Free-post Envelope Service


You can send us your precious metal scrap, coins and bench lemel in our fully insured, free-post envelopes. Our Freepost envelopes are guaranteed next day delivery and are insured up to the value of £2500. The Freepost service is for gold, platinum or palladium scrap with a minimum value of £750 per envelope. 

Your package will be assessed and settled on the day of receipt by our skilled trade counter staff, with payment based on that morning’s fix.

Payment can be made by either same day bank transfer, cash or cheque and we will email you a PDF copy of your invoice.

Jewellery Workshop Reclamation


Our in house processing and onsite assay laboratory, enables us to pay you much faster for your workshop waste. Our knowledgeable and experienced team of reclamation experts are committed to delivering the maximum returns for you, every time.

We are ISO accredited, which signifies that our processes and procedures are externally monitored to ensure that you always get consistently good service. We welcome you to come and watch your scrap or bench lemel being melted.

Free Reclamation Seminar


We offer a free 30 minute reclamation talk to jewellery schools, colleges and groups, where they learn the secrets of making money from the ‘rubbish’ in your jewellery workshop. Our talks are designed for the practical jeweller sitting at the bench, or any jewellery producers using precious metals.

Are you interested in hosting one of our free 30 minute makeover seminars?

Mastermelt Scrap App

Download our exciting and interactive ‘Scrap App’ filled with practical and time-saving applications, designed for every gold buyer or follower of precious metal prices.

Metal Calculator: Value your precious metal scrap in seconds in gms/kgs 

Buying Margin: Set a secret buying margin to our metal calculator.

Scrap Prices: Trade prices for the most popular hallmarked metals and coins.

Fix Prices: The published London fixes for Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium.

Historic Prices: Selectable Dates, Averages and Graphs.

My Account: Current and historic job tracking and payment information.  Free-post envelopes and sweep or lemel bag ordering.

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