2022 Online Jewellery Pop-up Events

Online jewellery pop-up events by Jewel Ads


Save the date 2nd to 11th February

John Henn of Henns Family Jewellers

"Jewel Ads looks like a promising medium for communication between retailers and manufacturers that will be in real time. Some we know... lots we don't, and soon we will be able to view ranges with short video clips of our requested categories. I'm looking forward to using Jewel Ads as it settles into my everyday retail life."

The backbone of the retail jewellery trade

Services & Technology

The online pop-up event by Jewel Ads on the 2 Feb 2022 is focused on services and technology for one simple reason, they are essential business tools for the retail jewellery trade, both for the managing of a business and enhancing the overall customer experience.

In retailing, services and technology are the enablers of a modern retail business, from speeding up processes and increase sales, improving customer retention rates and overall deliver cost-saving benefits to a business. Often these services are meeting the trends of the new consumer and their expectations so it’s important that we find the tools to stay in tune with the shifting landscape that is now the norm for retailers.

Mark Warr, from renowned multi store jewellers David Christopher

"What a great service and idea, perfect for the trade now and in the future. As a retailer I can easily find suppliers when I need to and then add to my favourites list for easy access later. I can't believe no one has done this before."

Online jewellery pop-up events by Jewel Ads


April 2022

Tap into the wedding season

Engagement & Wedding

Weddings bring a whole host of opportunities for the retail jeweller, from engagement, wedding and eternity rings, to the special gifts given to family members and friends on those special days. 

The engagement and wedding event brings some of the industries leading suppliers of pearls, diamonds, giftware, watches and jewellery together in one online pop-up event to make suppliers accessible for retailers.

Jamie Jones - Rocklobster Jewellers

Perfect !! Just what the Jewellery industry needs to drive It forward in very uncertain times. I believe the virtual trade show will be a game-changer and help bring suppliers and retailers together. To have a place that you can instantly search, peruse at your leisure, and then reach out to new suppliers at any time of the year is pure genius.

It’s great to see that Darren has the foresight to see what this industry has been screaming out for....

Online jewellery pop-up events by Jewel Ads


June 2022

Ever more important to the trade


Making ethical and responsible choices with your business and purchases are fast becoming a very important side of the trade, being seen as responsible is being driven by the consumer. 

This event brings you suppliers of jewellery, stones, packaging and services in the trade that are making those ethical and responsible choices to meet the growing demand in retail.

Paul Spurgeon - Paul Spurgeon Bespoke

Its been on the cards for years, trade shows just aren't what they used to be, we have needed an online service that brings the new technology and our traditional values of meeting people and handling goods together. Best thing I've seen for years.

Online jewellery pop-up events by Jewel Ads


August 2022

Simply the most important time of year


The most magical time of the year and there isn't a more important period in the trade calendar.

This event provides the opportunity for suppliers to showcase new products, ranges and services to retailers for the busiest consumer purchasing time of the year.

The Christmas event will be a date not to be missed.

Ben Poulsom - The Society of British Jewellers

It is great news that we have a digital trade show this year. With the cancellation of many of the physical trades shows we would have missed great networking and business opportunities. So thank you to the organisers for arranging this!

Online jewellery pop-up events by Jewel Ads


Oct 2022

iXXXi Jewellery


John Pye Luxury Auctions

John Pye Luxury Auctions

Watch Auctions, Jewellery Auctions and Gemstone Auctions 

Pickup Media

GemLoupe from Pickup Media

Sparkling photos and videos every single time​. GemLoupe is a custom 5X lens that turns your phone into a professional jewelry camera.

The Jewellery Show


20-21 SEPTEMBER 2023




Ethereal Green Diamond

Belford Antwerp is the exclusive distributor of Ethereal Green Diamond in Europe.

iXXXIi Men


Society Of British Jewellers

The Society is to help New, Intermediate and Experienced Jewellers in Britain and the rest of the World.

Kennet Equipment Leasing

Kennet Equipment Leasing has been providing UK businesses with equipment finance since 1991 and servicing the jewellery trade for almost 15 years. 


The online stock system for suppliers and retail jewellers


IDEX Online

International Diamond Exchange - is the leading online diamond-trading platform for professional diamond traders


Zest provide design solutions across the total marketing mix that are on brief, on time and on budget.

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Established in 1953 in Birmingham’s Jewellery quarter, we value great design and are advocates for responsible mining and manufacturing. We create classic, elegant wedding and engagement rings, and provide an efficient and fast friendly service.

Hockley Mint Ltd

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Our journey
Phoenix Design Group was created in August 2013 with an aim to fulfill a need in the marketplace as a manufacturing and export company based out of Bangkok, Thailand. Our vision is to be able to carry out all supply chain requirements from start to finish. A 100% complete service.

Phoenix Design Group

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Loose Lips Sink Ships Tattoo Inspired Jewellery

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Welcome to Planet Gold

Planet Gold Ltd is a manufacturer of 9ct Gold and Silver Earrings, Pendants, Rings, Lockets and Nose Studs. We specialise in the production of lightweight commercial lines, supplying primarily trade wholesalers and retail chains both here in the U.K and exporting to Eire, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

Planet Gold

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Visionary and Commercial

We look to partner and work with like-minded individuals and businesses who have energy, passion, drive, love for the industry, enthusiasm and an eye for detail and opportunity in the market.

Mesmeric Distribution Ltd

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A rapidly growing brand specialising in natural stones for wellbeing.

Modern contemporary jewellery designs married with traditions far eastern beliefs, the brand has successfully bought a collection of jewellery to the industry introducing a new concept of wellbeing through the use of natural raw stones.

Shree Jewellery

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