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Permanent Welded Jewellery Solution

‘Because every memory begins with a spark’



Permanent Welded Jewellery Solution. Because every memory begins with a spark

Join us on this extraordinary journey and discover the artistry of welded permanent jewellery with Perma Jewel.

The hottest trend to hit the retail space since multiple ear piercings and ear curation. Inspired by the iconic friendship bracelet, permanent jewellery is chain that is soldered directly to the wearer either around the wrist, neck, ankle or finger. 

Goodman Bros has all the essentials needed to start your permanent jewellery venture bringing you a complete solution that is plug and play.

With Perma Jewel we provide the pulse-arc welding machine (with full training and support) ; quality chain in a variety of styles and metals ; add on charms in assorted metals ; shop in shop furnishings and marketing material.

Offering the permanent jewellery service will drive footfall, attract new customers and increase revenue. The process is quick, easy, noninvasive, and completely painless.

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