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Pavlina Alexia Jewel is an artist, expressing her idea of this world through jewelry.

Pavlina Verouki

Pavlina Verouki is a visual artist and a jewellery designer. She was born in Athens, Greece.

While studying in the School Of Fine Arts of Athens she begun to work as an assistant designer in renowned jewellery workshops, learning the art of goldsmithing.

The sound of the hammering and the sight of the burning metal won her immediately.
After completing her master studies in Visual Arts in the Netherlands, she continued to work on goldsmithing and in 2014 she started her own jewellery brand.

She loves designing jewellery, painting with fountain pen and watercolors. Her latest love is intaglio which she finds very much related to jewellery making due to the materials (metal) and techniques (oxidation). She combines her jewellery design with the forms that come out in her artistic works as both are part of her own small universe.

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