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Online trade show achieves 142% increase in visitors!!!

Online trade show achieves 142% increase in visitors!!!

Jewel Ads, the new fast paced online marketing service where UK retail jewellers can find suppliers via its directory and online jewellery trade shows held its second successful online jewellery trade show for 2022 and had an impressive 142% increase in visitors.

Daren Daniels, Co-Founder of Jewel Ads says ‘It’s incredible to think that we can drive 6000 visitors to our online shows without any trade coverage but this is what Jewel Ads is all about, a new route, a new service and new concept for suppliers and service providers to the jewellery trade’.

Online trade shows give suppliers an affordable route to market that helps achieve the rule of 7 that otherwise can’t help with traditional methods, a way to keep building brand awareness and a way to promote that they are exhibiting at a physical show like Jewellery Show, ExCel, London in September.

Lennox Ado from The Jewellery Show adds: “Jewel Ads has created a viable platform that allows a jewellery business to reach prospective customers digitally. It’s an innovative platform that has embedded the necessity of the jewellery sector using an online service as an extension to sales development – a perfect platform to help us connect with the whole jewellery trade.”

Jewel Ads gives suppliers a chance to surpass the marketing rule of 7, marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. Wouldn’t it be great if you could send out a single marketing message and gain potential customers? Well, unfortunately, marketing doesn’t quite work like that and that’s part of the reason Jewel Ads was created. The marketing rule of 7 means that someone needs to see your advert at least 7 times before they start building awareness and trust to then reach out and start a conversation.

At the core of Jewel Ads is ROBO, Research Online, Buy Offline so to partner with the Jewellery Show in London is a perfect partnership to bring a new and exciting show and a digical (merging the digital and physical) symbiotic relationship to benefit both parties and the broader trade.

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