Online jewellery trade show announces extension due to increased visitor numbers

Jewel Ads, the online jewellery trade show service, has seen a huge increase in visitors over the first 5 days and so has taken the decision to extend the show.

Having an online trade show doesn’t take up anytime for the exhibitors; unlike a physical show, Jewel Ads services pushes the idea that leads should be treated like any other opportunity that comes through the door so the supplier can go about their day to day business whilst Jewel Ads does all the promotion and marketing.

As one supplier, Kristina Smith, Ark Jewellery recently said, ‘Thank you for the lovely lookbook and intro page on the online trade show. Excellent customer service with a quick and easy onboarding, everything was done for me, so valuable when busy. It’s like having an in-house team working together.’

The current online jewellery trade show is Jewel Ads’ third event this year and will now be extended until Friday 12 August. The fourth online show for 2022 will be on 1st October.

To visit the online show and find more information simply go to