Michelle Daniels gets a quick 15 min with Anne Marie Judge from Professional Jeweller

I’ve been delighted to develop a relationship with Anne Marie through 2022 she’s the Commercial Manager at the Professional Jeweller and one of the key members of the team to keep pushing out the new to the trade that we all rely on so it was great to get 15 minutes with her and ask a few questions so we can all know a little more about her.

Get to know Anne Marie and her role with Q&As with Michelle.

Q. You have been with Professional Jeweller for just over 3 years; how would you describe your job in five words?

  • Exciting, Rewarding, Fast-paced, Challenging, innovative

Q. What is the first thing you do in the morning to start your workday (can’t include work emails 😀)?

  • My daughter normally shouts ‘IM AWAKE MUMMY’ loudly at 5am so we head downstairs and I have a coffee or two before I can function LOL

Q. Like me, as a working mum everyday throws up some challenges but what are the most challenging aspects of your role?

  • Id say the away trips are the most challenging and sorting childcare, my fiancé is very helpful and moves his work around for me. My daughter has just started school as well, so the school routine is a new one to work around!

Q. I’m sure there have been many memorable moments with Professional Jeweller. Can you tell me which one stands out the most?

  • I’d say going to Vicenzaro just after covid restrictions lifted, it was amazing to travel, see so may clients and a busy trade show floor. Seeing the jewellery collections in real life again was magical

Q. It is so easy to get distracted; what do you get most distracted by?

  • I’d say social media, PJ gets a lot of traction on social media so my laptop is forever popping up with comments,, likes etc – can help but click and see the updates! Also biscuits and coffee are a daily distraction!

Q. What is your favourite thing to do when you’re not working?

  • Spending time with my fiancé and daughter! We love a holiday( we squeezed in 3 in 3 months before Meghan started school) and we love day trips out, especially to the seaside as it’s just down the road to us.

Q. Finally, what advice would you give your younger self?

  • Id say, don’t be so harsh on myself and believe in my ability. I’d also say to work smarter, not harder.

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