Meet the Jewellery Show and CloserStill Media

Michelle and Daren Daniels, the Co-Founders of Jewel Ads thought we should all get to know a little more about the new and exciting new jewellery show in London and so asked a few quick questions.

Just when the UK jewellery trade was wondering if there would be a trade show that exclusively focuses on the jewellery industry, along comes a new show, Jewellery Show, ExCel, London by CloserStill Media. CloserStill Media now have more than 70 events in the UK and international markets, including the United States, Germany, France, Spain and Singapore. They are one of the world’s fastest-growing exhibition businesses, so the new jewellery show is set to be amazing.

This award-winning company has a key player with incredible ties to the jewellery trade; Lennox Addo the Show Director. He is not a stranger to the jewellery industry as he comes with a jewellery background and events experience where he headed up MODA UK, Reed Exhibitions and was the pioneer of International Jewellery London (IJL). Let’s now hear from the show itself in their own words…

Question: How did the new show come about?

ANS: So, in 2020, I was the last original member of the IJL event team before we all got made redundant. Once this was public knowledge, I started to receive an increasing amount of calls from both retailers and suppliers. Some of which were expressions of help, and others were requests to share my database etc. Nevertheless, a small number of people said I should start a new show – a term frequently told to me was “a show for the trade by the trade.” COVID, as we know, hadn’t reached its peak yet, so the appetite to attend a show was still alive.

Once I got the basic framework down on a spreadsheet, I began the journey of business development; who wouldn’t be afraid to take this project on and who can see the long-term view of supporting the jewellery industry here in the UK – CloserStill Media is who was daring enough to take this challenge on.

Question: Who is Closerstill Media? Tell us a little about them.

ANS: In a nutshell, CloserStill Media was established in 2008 and is focused on niche B2B markets. Before jewellery retail, the sectors they led in exhibitions are learning, veterinary, technology, pharmaceuticals, healthcare etc. Many of them are businesses that are run by independent businesses which are similar to the jewellery trade here in the UK with 80% independent and that core demographic is niche enough for CloserStill to understand the make-up of the sector and what drives it.

Question: What is going to be different about the Jewellery Show compared to other shows?

ANS: Basics of a trade show are to ultimately allow business-to-business connections and forge great meaningful connections. We are not going to reinvite the wheel. However, what the UK jewellery sector needs is a platform to harness the middle-ground and provide specific information that’s relative enough to appeal to every level of a jewellery retailer or supplier. When it’s all said and done, this is business. And business information is fundamentally paramount for any business sector.

Experts from within the jewellery trade will have a platform to speak eloquently about factors that are either hurting the sector or improving the sector. But the important thing here is to provide key take-away information that allows retailers to go back to their businesses and implement what they have learned. Under the heading of ‘How to Run The Perfect Jewellery Store’ we will explore/ discuss key topics that will have a great effect on either today or in the future if this sector.

Question: Explain the importance of the new Elizabeth train line.

ANS: Incredible! It’s almost as if the new Elizabeth Line has come quick to completion because of the Jewellery Show. ExCel London as an international venue is the busiest venue in the UK. The new Elizabeth line from Paddington station to Custom House (ExCel London stop) will take you 40mins. A real game changer. That means a journey by car or any other transport from West to East London will take you around 1hr 30mins. And only 12mins from London’s Jewellery district Hatton Garden. Of course, one can still visit the event by car as there is over 3000 car parking spaces. City airport is only 20mins away and there’s also the DLR train service too from Bank tube station.

Question: The Professional Jewellery awards will definitely add further excitement to the show, tell us about this partnership

ANS: The Jewellery Show Awards is undoubtedly the most recognised and relevant awards event in the jewellery industry’s calendar. Not just saying that because we’re associated with the event, but because PJ Awards covers all aspects of the jewellery sector I.e. jewellery, watch, technology etc. providing a well-deserved spotlight on those contributing to the effectiveness of the sector.

The jewellery show is proud to be associated with such recognition.

Question: How exciting is it to do a new show?

What most people aren’t aware of is that my mother is from the jewellery trade so for me it’s more than just putting on a show. It’s a lifestyle to be part of the UK jewellery sector and supply it with great connections whilst being a source of information for the trade.

Absolutely excited as this journey is new to me, but one where I’m incredibly focused and driven to put the UK’s jewellery trade show back on the world view. That’s the long-term agenda.