Meet The Elmas the LGD brand new to the UK market.

Are you a retail jeweller looking for an ethical and stylish alternative to mined diamonds? Then look no further than The Elmas, the leading manufacturer of lab-grown diamonds that caters to both international and domestic markets. With loose lab-grown diamonds in all shapes and sizes from 0.70cts to 10cts, The Elmas have just launched into the UK market with their beautiful range of sustainable jewellery starting at $210*. Read on to find out more about this revolutionary brand!

Business intro Q&A’s

Q: How did you get involved in lab-grown diamonds?

A: Our company has manufactured natural diamonds since 1986. Due to Environment causes in 2017 we started Lab Grown Diamond. Lab grown diamonds are sustainable diamonds, and eco-friendly with very less carbon foot print and Lab-grown diamonds are purer than the mined diamonds

Q: Where do you see the marketing going for LGD? 

A: LGD is now worldwide, and the market is growing day by day.

Q: What are The Elmas unique business points

A: Our jewellery starts from $150, everyone, every day, can wear diamond jewellery, this is our USP.

Q: Name 3 things the trade needs to know about why they should buy from The Elmas

A: We have been a family business since 1986. Our Jewellery price starts from $150. We manufacture diamonds and diamond jewellery in-house. 

Q: What’s new and exciting in 2023

A: To participate in exhibiting with Jewel Ads online jewellery trade shows.

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