Meet Haig founder of The Jewelry Wordsmith: A Freelance Copywriter Specialised in The Fine Jewellery Niche

Professional Jeweller asked 10 questions to Haig Ter-Martirosian, a Canadian freelance jewellery copywriter and SEO strategist who founded The Jewelry Wordsmith in 2019.

Let’s learn about “the rewarding opportunity to simply do what I love”, as articulated in his own words: referring to writing about the craftsmanship and beauty of a jewellery piece when described in plain English.

Haig is a skilled writer who combines fascinating content creation and white-hat SEO practices to help his clients maximise their Marketing ROI.

While creating content that satisfies both humans and search engine algorithms can be challenging, Haig is adept at optimising every written work for SEO while maintaining its readability and enjoyment and providing value to the reader.

His agility in striking a balance between the two can be invaluable to those seeking to maximise their content’s reach and impact.

“I always go the extra mile for my client to reach perfection, or almost near it”. “Every detail counts to craft a distinct tone of voice that accurately reflects a client’s unique brand personality and values”.

Furthermore, he can assist jewellery designers in naming products in a way that is both creative and memorable, like this one, for instance.

“One of the ways to achieve sustainability and responsible sourcing in the jewellery industry is by embracing digital transformation”.

Haig recognises the value of utilising online directories like Jewel Ads to facilitate connections between jewellery brands and suppliers/manufacturers within the UK and globally.

By leveraging such platforms, brands can quickly discover and engage with sustainable suppliers, source ethical materials, and adopt practices that minimise waste.

Where are you from?
OK, so I was born in Armenia (it was part of the Soviet Union back then), then at the age of six, my family and I immigrated (or escaped?) to Montreal, Quebec, Canada, in the late 1980s where I pretty much grew up all my life.

What do you do?
I specialise in creating tailor-made keyword lists for clients. I use Donald Miller’s StoryBrand framework to craft digital marketing material like newsletters, social media posts, and video scripts. I find that it has a way of delivering your brand values and message more impactfully.

Also, I offer bespoke SEO solutions, encompassing on-page optimisation, technical audits, and setting up an effective link-building strategy.

Why The Jewellery Wordsmith?
Similar to goldsmithing and silversmithing, words are tools that, when skillfully forged together in harmony—can become extraordinary works of art, much like the narrative jewellery category.

What made you decide to niche down on jewellery?
My brother-in-law, a now-retired diamond jeweller, has been like a role model to me since my teenage years.

I’ve spent countless hours observing the captivating process of creating custom jewellery and have always been fascinated by the skill of transforming an idea from a sketch into a beautifully crafted piece by hand.

What’s been the project you’ve had the most fun working on?
Orosergio Jewellery from Toronto, Canada. I rewrote hundreds of product titles, descriptions, and meta tags for all pages on their e-commerce website.

What I love about writing product descriptions is the challenge to highlight the aesthetics of each piece in detail and inspire the reader to buy all under 40-50 words.

Why do you focus so much on SEO?
I’ll explain with examples. If your product has a branded name like “Felixstowe Necklace”, it may not rank well on search engine results pages.

To improve visibility, create an H2 title tag that describes the design element with a more direct and relevant keyword, such as “Diamond Anchor Necklace.”

Also, manufacturers and suppliers in the B2B sector often struggle to decide whether to use “jewelry” vs “jewellery” in their website copy. I advise using both strategically, especially when localising content for a particular region.

Who paved the way for you?
Daren Daniels from Jewel Ads has mentored me since my humble beginnings. PJ’s ex-editor-in-chief Rachel Taylor gave me my first shot with a blog post I penned for The Jewellery Cut. Also, Howard Levine at Diamnet for allowing me to sharpen my skills early on in my career.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
I plan to start my own Jewelry Marketing Agency and hire aspiring copywriters passionate about all that glitters!

Some of your notable clients?
Most of my clients are emerging brands from all four corners of the world. Nonetheless, I have pledged my services to Levian, The Diamond Store UK, Clean Origin and Buchroeders Jewelers from Columbia, Missouri.

Who would be your dream clients?
My Top 3 would be Chopard, Van Cleef & Arpels, and Maison Boghossian, in no particular order.

Thank you for joining us for this insightful interview with Haig, the jewellery wordsmith! Throughout our conversation, we’ve discovered that being a successful jewellery copywriter entails more than just exceptional writing skills and a deep love for diamonds, gemstones, and jewellery.

It encompasses core values such as genuine dedication to assisting others, kindness, professionalism, and an unwavering commitment to fostering enduring relationships within this incredible industry.


Haig Ter-Martirosian can be reached for all enquiries or commissions at The Jewelry Wordsmith