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Marketing is a marathon, not a sprint so use as many channels as possible

Marketing is a marathon, not a sprint so use as many channels as possible

Att: Jewellery suppliers. ‘Marketing is a marathon, not a sprint so use as many channels as possible’

Wouldn’t it be great if you could send out a single marketing message and gain potential customers?
Well, unfortunately, marketing doesn’t quite work like that and that’s part of the reason Jewel Ads was created.

The Rule of 7 is not new or a modern term, it’s one of the oldest rules in marketing. Simply put, it says that your prospects need to see your message or campaign at least 7 times before they will take action and contact you. The number 7 is not set in stone, it’s just an average. The exact number is not important, what is important is the take-home message that marketing is an ongoing process.
You can’t just make a sales pitch once and watch the opportunities come in no matter how good your offering is. Its been said many times by professionals, marketing is a marathon, not a sprint so use as many channels as possible to push your message out.
So why do your prospects need to see or hear you 7 times?

1# Retail jewellers can’t hear you… yet

Your marketing efforts are likely to be one of many messages your prospects will see via social media. Initially, it will just be part of the noise in their social timeline. For your message to rise above the noise and get noticed, they need to have seen it a few times for it to register.

2# Retail jewellers don’t need you… yet

Sometimes a potential customer doesn’t need what you offer at that moment in time. For a retail jeweller to remember what you offer when they do need you, they need to have made a mental note for future reference. This can only happen if they’ve seen your marketing message multiple times.

3# Retail jewellers don’t have the budget… yet

Some of your retail prospects may need what you have to offer but don’t have the budget, feel that they can’t afford it or justify it just now. However, the time will come when they can justify it and they do want you to be top of their list. So make sure your offer is not just a one-off. Instead, sending it out regularly on different platform media and social platforms to make a lasting impression.

4# Retail jewellers don’t trust you… yet

Very few people will buy from you the first time they come across you, especially if your products or services require a substantial investment. Through consistent marketing, your company services or prospects will become familiar and so build up trust.

What does this all mean?

The bottom line is, you can’t just reach out to your prospects once and forget about it.
So what you can do is consistently reach out to them as many times as possible, so that you can leverage the Rule of 7 to your advantage?

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