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London-based, Tier 1 supplier of ethically sourced natural gemstones from Mogok. We specialise in eye-clean spinel in a variety of colours. B2B enquiries, please contact us.

About Natural Spinel Gem


Natural Spinel Gem helps independent designers and private clients to create unique pieces of exquisite signature jewellery. We work closely with local small-scale miners to source gemstones of unparalleled beauty, bringing the best quality, hand-selected gems directly to you.

Whether you are looking for a centre stone, a matched pair of gemstones or a bespoke piece of jewellery, you are assured of the best clarity natural spinel gemstones available on the market.

Natural gemstone takes millions to billions of years to foam. Gemstones also can be created in laboratories, taking only months to a year. It is called synthetic gemstones. These manmade gems have the same chemical composition and structure but are not valuable as natural gemstones.

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