‘Leasing’ is a way to keep moving your business forward

These have been testing times for businesses, and it doesn’t seem to let up, but we must keep investing and moving a business forward. As the saying goes, if you’re standing still, you’re going backwards.

This short article isn’t about investing in marketing, although we really do recommend you market more when times are tough than any other time. You can read about that one in a separate article.

Not everyone understands the use or power of leasing; it is not just for getting a car. Did you know that almost all types of businesses can use leasing or hire purchase rather than parting with hard-earned capital, which can be used for some of the business’s day-to-day running costs?

Examples include: shop fitting, extensions, blinds, safes, counters, displays, computer equipment, and even software can all be leased.

Daren Daniels, Co-Founder says ‘Leasing isn’t just good for a retailer; if you’re a supplier and selling high-priced services or technology, then do what I did for many years and sell the leasing option; doing this really helped increase sales, and helped the retailer in their buying decision which led to many more sales’.

If you want to learn more about leasing products, technology or service for your business or how you can offer to lease when you’re selling, contact Bruce Robins at Kennet Leasing Ltd, who has been working in the jewellery trade for nearly 20 years.

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