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Jolyon Marshall gives all a few tips

Jolyon Marshall gives all a few tips

Jolyon Marshall gives all a few tips

JML are a market-leading consultancy, keen on listening as on talking; their mission is simply to make perfect placements, affording to both candidates and clients the maximum return from their future association.

Now let’s get a few tips from the main man in recruitment in the jewellery trade.

General Q&As

Q: Can job seekers send you their CV

A: Absolutely! I’m the CV reader – every sent document is always an irresistible read priority.

Q: Do you specialise in any section of the trade

A: All trade jobs across Retail, Workshop, Wholesale and HQ /Hybrid working roles. We are Watch & Jewellery career placement specialists.

Retailer tip

Q: Retailer tip

A: Actually, a tip for anyone – ask someone who knows. It costs nothing, and it can save you time and enrich your decision-making.

Q: How important is a job description

A: Very often, we don’t always receive them – it’s assumed I know all! – however, it is hugely helpful for all parties to receive formalised insight – the more detail, the better in my book.

Q: What should someone not ask at an interview?

A: On a previous application I made Jolyon, did you place my ex-wife’s new partner in the job that I also applied for…

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