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Popular Suppliers

Popular Suppliers

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John Pye Luxury Auctions

John Pye Luxury Auctions

Watch Auctions, Jewellery Auctions and Gemstone Auctions 


The online stock system for suppliers and retail jewellers

GemLightbox Pro

GemLightBox PRO

It allows any jeweller with a smartphone to capture 4 studio-quality images and 1 video in just one click!

The Jewellery Show


20-21 SEPTEMBER 2023



Zest provide design solutions across the total marketing mix that are on brief, on time and on budget.

Kennet Equipment Leasing

Kennet Equipment Leasing has been providing UK businesses with equipment finance since 1991 and servicing the jewellery trade for almost 15 years. 


IDEX Online

International Diamond Exchange - is the leading online diamond-trading platform for professional diamond traders

Society Of British Jewellers

The Society is to help New, Intermediate and Experienced Jewellers in Britain and the rest of the World.

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Established in 1953 in Birmingham’s Jewellery quarter, we value great design and are advocates for responsible mining and manufacturing. We create classic, elegant wedding and engagement rings, and provide an efficient and fast friendly service.