With the lack of trade shows for the jewellery trade in the UK, suppliers have few options to create new leads, although research shows companies want to be active with marketing.

One interesting statistic from a recent survey by Appetite Creative Solutions was that 82% considered B2B digital marketing as a new business driver. Put this together with the disruption on physical meetings and events means suppliers more than ever need to build a social media presence.

The traditional routes to market are much needed for the jewellery trade but come with their limitations of large costs and limited time exposure due to being monthly or an event that happens just once per year.

More modern marketing opportunities are coming to the trade and bring instant exposure and long term options rather than just a month.

The alternative routes to market for jewellery suppliers are

  • LinkedIn – the business to business platform that all suppliers should create a profile
  • Facebook – generally considered more useful for consumer marketing but can still be used for B2B
  • Jewel Ads – a jewellery trade online business directory to find suppliers and service providers all year round, a must for all suppliers

Key findings from the survey by Appetite Creative Solutions:

  • 82% considered B2B digital marketing as a new business driver
  • 65% of marketers plan to increase their B2B digital marketing spend
  • 62% plan to refresh their B2B marketing strategy this year

Start marketing your jewellery wholesale business or jewellery service on Jewel Ads today and start building your social profile.


Source: https://www.appetitecreative.com/