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Jewel Ads launches pop-up events for 2022

Jewel Ads launches pop-up events for 2022

Jewel Ads, the exciting new service launched in March 2021, is the jewellery industry’s online classified business-to-business directory developed to facilitate the connection between suppliers and retail jewellers.

The platform is expanding the opportunity for purchase-ready retailers to find suppliers 365 days of the year with a new service to advance further connections – regular online pop-up events that have aisles to explore similar to a trade show, the first being themed on services and technology.

The Jewel Ads service is gaining attention from retailers including stalwarts John Henn and Mark Warr. John Henn of Henns Family Jewellers comments: “Jewel Ads looks like a promising medium for communication between retailers and manufacturers that will be in real time. Some we know… lots we don’t, and soon we will be able to view ranges with short video clips of our requested categories. I’m looking forward to using Jewel Ads as it settles into my everyday retail life.”

Mark Warr, from renowned multi store jewellers David Christopher, adds: “What a great service and idea, perfect for the trade now and in the future. As a retailer I can easily find suppliers when I need to and then add to my favourites list for easy access later. I can’t believe no one has done this before.”

The online pop-up events create a new dimension to an already successful platform that brings the excitement of a physical trade show to an online dynamic promotional service, one that allows visitors to explore aisles and engage with suppliers. The targeted events will have a variety of suppliers exhibiting, aisles to explore with each stand having company branding, preferred contact methods as well as offers and promotions to encourage engagement.

The founders Michelle and Daren Daniels, who are well connected throughout the trade, say: “We held a virtual test event some months ago where we had 50 exhibitor stands and nearly 400 visitors, which was amazing considering this was during lockdown. If we can repeat this with regular online pop-up events throughout 2022 it would be fantastic for the suppliers exhibiting and the industry as a whole.”

Both the classified directory and the online pop-up events are at the start of the buying process, allowing retail jewellers to begin their research into suppliers, who they can then contact directly through the platform, email, WhatsApp or telephone in order to meet in person. Take advantage of the first year classified listing offer – just £60 for a 12 month classified advert, discounted from £180 or get start promoting your business via the online pop-up events at just £195. Simply go to and complete the onboarding form and your classified ad and stand will be created for you.

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