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Jewel Ads gets to know what Vulcan Jewellery is all about

Jewel Ads gets to know what Vulcan Jewellery is all about

Jewel Ads gets to know what Vulcan Jewellery is all about

Welcome to Vulcan Jewellery, a leading British manufacturer and supplier of bespoke jewellery pieces. With 45 years of experience on the bench, we are experts in CAD design and techniques. We provide specialist services for retail jewellers throughout the UK, including Hatton Garden, Bond Street and beyond. Whether you’re looking for classic designs or something more unique, our experienced team is here to help create the perfect finished product that meets your needs.

Business Q&As

Q: Tell us a little about your business; what products, services, and price points do you cover? 

Vulcan has been open for business since 2019. Services we provide are CAD, 3D scanning, 3D printing and all types of jewellery repair work. Products we provide are engagement rings, semi-eternities, wedding bands, loose diamonds and collets and shanks. Our pricing is competitive for the retailer to make a good profit on each product. 

Q: Who is your target audience? 

Our target audiences are retailers and working jewellers. We have products ready for sale for the high street retailers, and we provide collets and shanks for the working jeweller. 

Q: What 3 key things set Vulcan Jewellery apart from others? 

  1. Technical know-how. We design jewellery using our knowledge from working on the bench. Our designs have specific tolerances to allow for the cleaning up and polishing process. This ensures there’s enough metal to keep the stones secure and to extend the longevity of each product.  
  1. Every product in our store can be fully customised. You might like the setting from one design but prefer the shank style on another. Alternatively, you might want to use your customers gemstones on one of our products. We give the client the option to tweak all aspects of the design to ensure they and their customer are fully satisfied.  
  1. Our intuitive ‘Ring Creator’. The ring creator on our website lets you choose a semi-set mount, along with a centre diamond of your choice. You can view the diamond certificate in real-time and then see the breakdown on the ring you have configured. Giving you all the information you need to be transparent with your customer and to help make the sale.  

Q: How do you see ‘sustainability’ affecting your business and possibly the trade? 

I don’t see sustainability affecting our wonderful industry in a negative way. At Vulcan, we already use 100% recycled gold and platinum in all of our finished products and repair work. Our diamonds are ethically sourced, and most companies are doing their part to use green energy. Later this year, we will have solar panels installed to power our entire workshop. We use eco-friendly packaging and do our best to keep away from single-use plastics. I think our industry as a whole is focused on using sustainable materials and lowering our carbon footprint.

Q: Where do you see the business in 5 or 10 years? 

I see Vulcan Jewellery supporting many more retailers and jewellers on an international scale. Providing many more jobs and training for young people to become highly skilled in their chosen area within the trade. 


Click Here to find out more about Vulcan Jewellery and view their lookbook

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