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Jewel Ads gets to ask Jolyon Marshal a few questions

Jewel Ads gets to ask Jolyon Marshal a few questions

Jewel Ads gets to ask Jolyon Marshal a few questions

A big barn best in his class, Jolyon Marshal has a way about him that once you’ve met him you’ll never forget him. Regardless of his character, Jolyon Marshal recruitment is renowned for excellent service and is well connected through all sectors of the trade.

JML are a market-leading consultancy, keen on listening as on talking, their mission is simply to make perfect placements, affording to both candidates and clients the maximum return from their future association.

Now let us hear direct from Jolyon Marshall and learn a little about the man himself.

Business Q&A’s

Q: What is your most memorable placement 

A: My first placement that I ever made was for BRITA in September 1988 and it was for one of their first ever Sales Representatives – I was fascinated by their hobby, that of being an accomplished Dalilah grower.

Q: How long have you been working in the Jewellery trade

A: The only non-trade role I had was perhaps a time when training at Harrods Ltd and when I first moved into FMCG with Cadbury Ltd. Every other working day has been within the Jewellery business.

Q: Why the Jewellery trade

A: Love the people, product and all the fascinating routes to market – the bright lights, the manufacturing speciality, and the branding to me is all intoxicating.

Q: What made you set up your own recruitment business

A: Having 24 years with one much admired consumer goods (food & non-food) recruitment consultancy, when the owner retired it was the natural next step.

Q: Has recruitment changed since you started in the trade

A: Beyond recognition. All applications were via telephone (then progressed the excitement of receiving a faxed CV) to today’s digital more immediate world.

Q: Is there anything a job seeker should do that will help them get noticed 

A: Most memorable CV received came via the post with a sparkler attached!

Q: Why barn animals 

A: We revel in being fully in the countryside here at Rotten Row Farm and our building here used to be a cowshed – it’s fitting that we celebrate our location difference and respect those working the estates that surround us.

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