Jewel Ads get the low down on Hockley Mint

Q&As with Hockley Mint

Jewel Ads was lucky enough to get some time with Hockley Mint, one of the most well know and respected jewellery suppliers in the trade by continually developing and leading the way in the process as well as being conscious about fair trade.

In an ever-changing world are we moving towards more manufacturing in the UK, one would like to think so, so if you’re not already using Hockley Mint this is a good chance to get to know them a little better and how they can help you and your business.

So let’s hear from Hockley Mint and get a low down on what they are about.

Q. Can you summarise what Hockley Mint offers the trade and is your target audience big multiples or independent jewellers?

Hockley Mint are an independent family business and an established British Jewellery manufacturer. We offer a large collection of bridal, occasional and everyday worn jewellery.
We can also provide all aspects of manufacturing including casting, CAD/CAM, CNC and handmade.

Our business is built on service and quality, we will always strive to accommodate customers’ requirements, with in-house resources and a vast array of production techniques. We are in a unique position to create anything, a one-off design from CAD or sketch to large production orders. Therefore, our customer base ranges from international retailers to independent jewellers and everyone in between.

Q. What changes if any have you seen to the customer base after covid?

Since the pandemic, we have seen a spike in demand for our products, from large organisations to independent retailers and sole designers. We believe this shows growing support for British manufacturing, plus issues with overseas suppliers. We hope that this support continues and more retailers, designers, and brands appreciate domestic craftspeople, fast lead times and talent, like those found at Hockley Mint.

Q. Do you have some interesting plans for 2023 that you can share with us?

Yes, we have recently released our new You & I® collection and we will continue to develop the range throughout 2023.

Its purpose is to take retailers on a journey through Hockley Mint’s 70 years in business, celebrating the past, present and future of the British bridal and wedding day jewellery market for diverse and modern couples. We have reworked vintage designs, updated our current best-sellers and added new lines that reflect the 21st century bridal market. We hope to provide our retail partners with the diverse ranges they need to offer an inclusive and supportive shopping experience. The new brochure boasts a refreshed design, easier navigation, more striking visuals and a closer look at the latest lifestyle imagery, which includes a diverse range of couples to reflect the contemporary bridal jewellery market.

We will also be launching the new Hockley Mint website in 2023 which will streamline our service provision with a smoother order management system and modern features such as a ‘build a ring’ function.

Q. I see that ethical gold is now part of your offering. How do you see this growing in the next 5 years?

Ethical Gold has long been a vital pillar of our service offering. All our products can be cast in Fairtrade Gold. Fairtrade Gold seeks to make a difference to the lives of artisanal miners worldwide. Currently, there are 30 million artisanal miners in the world. By choosing Fairtrade Gold, you are supporting a project that has the potential to improve the quality of life of 100 million people affected by the gold mining industry. Fair Trade ensures that no one under the age of 18 can work underground in mines and children under 15 years should not work in mining. Miners receive a fair wage and work fair hours.

We only see ethical gold growing in the future in line with increasing orders.

Q. As a leading trade supplier, are you taking any steps to become carbon neutral that other businesses can learn from?

Hockley Mint are always researching ways to improve efficiencies from reducing our energy demand to how we process our orders. We have recently invested in 2 new burnout furnaces that reduce the electricity demand by 30% by retaining the heat in the body of the furnace rather than the heat escaping up the flue. These small changes make a difference and by continuing to evolve the company will take further steps to becoming carbon neutral.

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