Jewel Ads get 15min with Viv Burrows, owner of JewelMaster

JewelMaster, with its outstanding reputation, understand exactly what is essential to your business, giving you access to their software and data from anywhere in the world. Their system can be integrated with Lionsorbet’s custom web design services and solutions, giving you an impressive design function that will help your business grow online and in-store.

JewelMaster has been in the trade for many years, developing an online system perfect to a modern retailer, they have also grown year on year due to the solid reputation from existing customers, helped by the fact it’s a monthly subscription. 

Jewel Ads asked Viv Burrows, the JewelMaster owner some personal questions and business questions so you can get to know a little about them.

Business intro Q&A’s

Q: If someone was looking to change systems, what advice would you give them

Try to speak to other users of the systems you are looking at and see what their experiences are.

A: Are they happy, is it well supported? Do changes get made if you ask for them or are you expected to just take the system as is?

Q: What has been your greatest challenge with systems

A: One that I will probably never succeed in is encouraging all companies to agree on a common supplier catalogue format

If they could, it would mean that users systems would always be able to bring in up-to-date stock details to help with their stock orders and sales

Q: If you go back 5 years, what business advice would you give yourself

I wouldn’t because life is an adventure, and mistakes are as important as successes

Q: What new updates are coming in 2023

A: Loads, a range of simple mobile apps to ease the taking of images, the despatch of repairs, log time for manufacturing/repair staff etc.

Q: What 3 things set JewelMaster apart from your competition

A: We listen, we’re not too proud to change, and we will always help