Jewel Ads brings alternative opportunities to all suppliers.

As with all changes to businesses in 2021 due to covid-19, it also brings opportunities for new business models to thrive, that are more efficient, convenient and simple for the end-user. The jewellery trade is no exception to change and is seeing a shift with many new technology services and buying opportunities with companies like Diamnet, JBuyer, and Jewel Ads.

If we were to get down to a few of the top reasons behind the relatively recent shift in the B2B buying process, we’d have to go with the following:

  • New technology services coming through
  • Time and convenience for both suppliers and retailers
  • Customer expectations have changed
  • The cost of the traditional route to market is so high, few suppliers can afford it which is reflected by the situation with trade shows in the UK
  • Trade show attendance down

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