Jewel Ads announces 6 online trade shows for 2023

Jewel Ads is thrilled to announce its exciting plans for 2023. With a focus on expanding the reach of retail jewellers to find wholesale jewellery suppliers and service providers with simple, digitally convenient services, Jewel Ads is poised to revolutionize the industry with innovative solutions and new opportunities for both ends of the market. With its online shows and trade directory, Jewel Ads brings more suppliers and options to the fingertips of the modern jewellery buyer whose natural starting point for searching and researching for suppliers is a digital one.

This innovative service company provides the ideal solution for jewellery suppliers and service providers alike who have no time or resources to promote their business. They provide more than just a platform for promoting a business – they offer comprehensive marketing services that include artwork, setup, digital brochures, video intro and social media posts to create a year-long campaign.

‘This unique offering sets us apart from other companies by helping our customers gain the most exposure possible with a year-long campaign. For a supplier to enter into 2 trade shows, a directory listing and a lookbook, the cost is just £845, making it affordable to all suppliers and supporting new suppliers coming through, which is important to us’ add Michelle Daniels, Co-Founder of Jewel Ads.

The digital services offered by Jewel Ads have revolutionised how suppliers do marketing and help b2b businesses reach new heights. With these new plans, it looks like even more opportunities are on their way! So if you’re a retail jeweller or buyer, Jewel Ads services are free to use, sign up for a free visitors account and benefit from being the first to know what’s going on and use it like your own digital black book (No account needed to visit the shows).

The new trade service offers a great opportunity for businesses to build brand awareness as well as expand and grow in the jewellery market.

If you want to take advantage of this new service and market your business through 2023, get in touch with Jewel Ads now!