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It all starts with a kiss – The Charm Club campaign for Valentine’s Day 2024

It all starts with a kiss – The Charm Club campaign for Valentine’s Day 2024

It all starts with a kiss – The Charm Club campaign for Valentine’s Day 2024

The new THOMAS SABO Charm Club campaign for Valentine’s Day 2024 is inspired by the kiss. It is the central theme of the As We Kiss collection, which presents a selection of symbols of love designed with great attention to detail. The collection is accompanied by an authentic campaign, which is the first to introduce faces from the Charm Club community.

The charm designs from the As We Kiss collection come in an unmistakable THOMAS SABO style, combining a dash of humour with romance. They are reminders of the feeling of    falling in love and that first kiss with symbols such as a pout, roses, hearts and intertwined rings. Little declarations of love on some of the charms, such as “Kiss Me” or “Be Mine”, are a particular highlight. Meanwhile, stylised macarons and croissants, as well as an exquisite new selection of City Charms, are an homage to Paris as the city of love. Hand-painted with enamel in pink and red tones and attached to necklaces and bracelets with red beads, the charms celebrate the magic of love, romance and all important relationships that enrich our lives.

The symbolism of the collection is brought to life in approachable images depicting four individual couples from the Charm Club community. These couples were cast in advance via an international competition run in THOMAS SABO stores and on social media. To capture the authentic images, the jewellery brand once again worked with the aspiring photographer and video director Stephie Braun as well as her creative partner Mike Kipper. The two were responsible for the shoot and focused on the moment of a kiss with emotional images. These not only pay tribute to the intimate relationships that the four couples enjoy, they should also encourage our Charm Club community to celebrate love on Valentine’s Day 2024 and beyond.

The THOMAS SABO Valentine’s Day campaign will fit in with the internationally oriented marketing campaigns around the Charmista concept from the Charm Club. This will include
a number of different events, pop-up stores and customer activations and will bring the collection together with the community in the process.

From 11 January 2024, the As We Kiss designs will provide inspiration for Valentine’s Day and beyond in THOMAS SABO stores worldwide, in the online shop at as well as at selected jewellers and retail partners. New City Charms, inspired by the city of Paris, are a continuation of the theme of the As We Kiss
collection and are available in stores in France as well as worldwide in the online shop.

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