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Jewelry Management Software for Diamond, Jewelry, Gemstones and Watches. 500+ Jewelry companies worldwide.

300+ Jewelry Businesses Happily Use iDiamondCloud Worldwide!

Manage Your Jewelry Business of Diamond, Watches, Gemstones and Jewelry from Anywhere!

Idiamondcloud Inc.

Jewelry Management Software for Diamond & Jewelry Businesses

iDiamondCloud offers the most advanced Cloud-based ERP to B2B and B2C for Online Diamond, Jewelry, Gemstones and Watches Inventory and Accounting Management to Diamond & Jewelry Industry. It is a robust diamond and jewelry inventory management software which is already running with 300+ Jewelry companies worldwide.

iDiamondCloud solution is a comprehensive cloud web application with one database – no matter how many outlets, offices, factories or companies your organization possess.

The cloud-based web application could be tailor-made and customized as per your jewelry business needs with software integration as well as a custom website design for your jewelry and diamond company.

Key USP’s

  • Multiple stock reports for daily stock count.
  • User defined reports to track sold/unsold items.
  • Serialized and non-serialized stocks maintenance.
  • Integrated tagging facility for fast selling & save time.
  • Information about any selling item for any specific date.
  • ID for salesmen to monitor and check salesman wise sales.
  • Stock point info and internal stock transfer between branches.

Key Features

  • Print Tags and labels with item details for, Diamond, Jewelry, Gems and Watches.

  • User defined lock function period to secure your old and current documents.

  • Single and Multi-location. Precise, accurate and complete inventory control.

  • Presented to client in image Catalogue and Slideshow with defined details.

  • Backup data quickly & easily without any technical knowledge.

  • Touch Screen POS, Mouse free and Mouse based data entry.

  • Multiple Currencies with Multiple Exchange rates.

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