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IDEX Online Launches Service for Lab Grown Diamonds

IDEX Online Launches Service for Lab Grown Diamonds

IDEX Online Launches Service for Lab Grown Diamonds

(IDEX Online) – Members of the IDEX diamond trading network can now search, buy and sell Lab Grown diamonds online for the first time.

The new feature has been introduced as part of IDEX’s Guaranteed Diamond TransactionsTM, the fully automated online diamond trading service. All Lab Grown diamond listings are uploaded in separate inventory files to assure no confusion with natural diamonds.

Buyers can search for Lab Grown diamonds from the regular IDEX ‘Buy Diamonds’ webpage, using the new option to select the item type ‘Lab Grown Single Diamonds’. There will, in the near future, also be an option to search for matching Lab Grown pairs and parcels.

Buyers will be able to purchase Lab Grown diamonds online, enjoying the full range of our GDTTM services, including leveraging on the IDEX global purchasing power, authentication of all goods by trained gemologists, and consolidated shipments from all global diamond centres.

Suppliers can post their Lab Grown goods for sale. Listing of inventories can be done by manually uploading files, via FTP or using our ‘Manage Listings’ API.

Tamar Katzav, COO of IDEX, said: “We believe that with the right marketing and transparent business practices, Lab Grown diamonds are part of the diamond trade and here to stay, and as always IDEX strives to provide its members with the facilities to carry out their daily business online, accompanied with our top-notch trusted services.

“Many IDEX members have been waiting for us to launch this added feature, and in less than 24 hours from the time of launch we already had more than 20,000 diamonds posted for sale online, and growing rapidly as more and more members sign up to the new service.”

Anyone interested in more information or signing up can contact us or email

Pic shows lab growns listed on IDEX Online.

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