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Excitement building for the first UK online jewellery pop-up event.

Excitement building for the first UK online jewellery pop-up event.

Excitement building for the first UK online jewellery pop-up event.

It’s not long to wait for the first online jewellery pop-up event, the virtual doors are opening on the 2nd February and will remain open until the 11th February giving retail jewellers plenty of time to explore the online aisles.

The online event has been developed by Jewel Ads, the already successful online trade directory where retail jewellers can find trade suppliers, the new service complements the directory by giving retailers the chance to find suppliers who are marketing a new service, product range or have an offer for new clients.

‘We are not looking to replace the physical shows but work with them, this is confirmed with the recent partnership with the new trade show at Excel in London called The Jewellery Show. We have ROBO at the core of the business, Research Online, Buy Offline so 2022 is going to be a good year for us as we grow and develop our services’ say Co-Founder Daren Daniels

One of the many interesting features of the online event is that it’s designed to be explored due to the aisle concept and design of having suppliers on the left and right hand side. Videos will be running on the stands that present the suppliers offering and any text on the stands can be highlighted and read out by Jewels, Jewel Ads online digital assistant.

Excitement is growing through the retail trade with retailers such as Mark Warr and John Henn helping spread the word. Jewel Ads Co-Founder Daren Daniels has worked in the trade for over 25 years and has built up relationships throughout the whole trade, helping Jewel Ads gain traction with with many UK retailers including most of the CMJ members, Houlden and NAJ members.

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