Ethereal Green Diamonds Now Supplying UK Market

For any business looking for the highest quality lab grown diamonds, Belford Antwerp is the go-to supplier in Europe, providing a streamlined process that guarantees pipeline integrity and ensures you get only the best diamonds available.

Belford Antwerp is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Ethereal Green Diamonds in Europe and is now supplying their premium lab grown diamonds to the UK market. Committed to providing customers with the highest quality, most reliable diamonds available, and the vertically integrated process ensures pipeline integrity. For those looking for something more unique, they also offer an Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) service where you can have tailor-made cuts of lab grown diamonds created just for you.

Lab grown diamond marketing is growing faster than ever, particularly in the UK. With consumer demand increasing every month, businesses have the opportunity to capitalise on this rapidly expanding market. Investing in lab grown diamonds offer a great return on investment with no compromise on quality or authenticity. Businesses can take advantage of this trend and benefit from increased revenue while providing a unique and sustainable product to their customers.

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