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society of British jewellers

The Society of British Jewellers

Official members of The Society of British Jewellers have access to many amazing Supplier Discounts (metals, findings, hallmarking, gemstones, diamonds and much more), their own Digital Membership Badge, a Certificate of Membership and the promotion of their work on our Social Media Platforms, helping to reach new customers!

Both official members and non-members can join our private Facebook Group (5000+ members), where knowledge, news and events are shared. Also, a useful place to ask industry questions.

If you are a Supplier, please get in touch for more information regarding trade partnerships.

The Society is to help New, Intermediate and Experienced Jewellers in Britain and the rest of the World. Where knowledge can be shared to help others in the industry. For people wanting to be members please have pictures on your Facebook page so it is clear to see that you are in the jewellery industry.

The Society of British Jewellers is open to anyone with a keen interest in any part of the industry who wants to share their skills and knowledge to help others.



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