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Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry start from $ 210* FOUNDER’S NOTE When we learned about the real journey of mined diamonds and the lives it cost, we decided to serve society with a better alternative solution. We began by looking out for ideas and processes to create something as precious as the mined diamonds but conflict-free! And the result is – ‘The Lab-Grown Diamonds‘.

STYLISH AND SUSTAINABLE Sometimes a legacy is not just about what has been done, but also about carrying forward the future. Elmas is the brainchild of DB Sales, a leading manufacturer of lab-grown diamonds that caters to both international and domestic markets. Investing in high end technology to grow lab diamonds, we are creating a silent revolution in the industry, by being the trendsetter for conflict free diamonds that are more accessible as well as fashionable for all providing a range of different diamond cuts-Round, Emerald, Oval, Pear and Cushion. It is with us that you can flaunt different statement pieces without worrying about the earth being affected; after all we are not a blood diamond.

A NEW BEGINNING It all begins with a desire to do something different. And at Elmas, we took the first step, not just with a vision to be different but a mission to make your fashion statement stand out too. Our collection combines the right sensibilities of cutting-edge technology and intricate designs, scientifically crafted by our experts and shaped by our skilled craftspeople. From classics to contemporary, to rings that declare love to pendants that bind care; to bracelets that adorn passion to necklaces that grace devotion, Elmas has it all. Come, enter a new world of beauty, style and diamonds; redefined.

THE ELMAS PROMISE With a belief that beautiful jewellery can be made without compromising on the beauty of the earth, Elmas is driven by its core promise of maintaining the quality of diamonds as well as quality of human life. Our diamonds have been grown with scientific expertise, nurtured with care and moulded with the vision to bring you eco-conscious, fashionable jewellery. We are not just about brightening up your style, but also passing across a bright legacy to those coming after you and illuminating their lives with jewellery that stands the test of time. Right from our diamonds to our packaging, we remember our promise: of being futuristic jewellery that sets you apart and redefines every moment that you cherish forever, just like our diamonds.



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