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Stefan Mocanu BA Homs Silversmithing  & Jewellery   Glasgow School of Art

Hidden Knowledge

Brooch. Press formed recycled white precious metal and white precious metal fittings.

Stefan pushes the boundaries by merging art, science, and technology, creating captivating pieces that challenge perceptions. His modular and customisable work, inspired by cosmic mysteries, explores interstellar communication, inviting audiences to journey into the unknown.

His collection, “Hidden Knowledge,” is a speculative exploration of how other intelligent lifeforms might share their knowledge, akin to humanity’s own cosmic outreach, through the Golden Record on the Voyager 1 Probe. He creates otherworldly forms that reflect the complexity and wonder of a natural yet distant world. These pieces utilise rapid prototyping, press forming, and structural colour. The materials – multi-colour biodegradable polymers to press-formed metals – interact with light in unique ways, creating illusions of depth and colour. Through these creations, he aims to nudge our sense of individuality on this blue dot, inviting audiences to push past what was thought to be achievable and reach beyond into the unknown.


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