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There are two quality criteria by which you can recognize the quality of the gold plating of your piece of jewelery:

a) The specification in carats provides information about the purity of the gold:

24 carat corresponds to 999.99 gold and means that the gold plating has a fineness of 99.99%
14 carat corresponds to 585 gold and means that the gold plating has a fineness of 58.8%.

b) the layer thickness measured in micron or micrometer (spoken 1 mu = 1000th of a mm). The higher the number in microns, the thicker the gold layer. You will find this information in the item description for all of our gold-plated items. Jewelery that is gold-plated with 18 and 24 carats is galvanically gold-plated in Germany under strict environmental protection regulations. The rose gold color is created by 18 carat gold and a higher proportion of copper.













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