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SANDRA BERETE – Artistic High End Jewelry
I n s p i r e d L u x u r y


Little series/ Uniques pieces/ Bespoke jewelry:

Sets, tiaras, engagement rings, seal rings, jewelry watches, boxes and men jewelry

Born in Paris, coming from an ancient imperial family of West Africa on father’s side, the imperial family of Wagadu Ghana, Sandra Bérété has a strong predilection for Africa and its art, also a fascination for voluminous jewelry, glowing colours and luxuriant flora.

Coming from contemporary art world, Princess Sandra expresses herself through jewelry which she is using as an artistic medium while integrating in a rigorous way the codes of Western high end jewelry.

Her vocation was revealed when she met the jewelry Master Henry Gargat, closed friend of Jean Dinh Van, who notably used to work for Boucheron. This alchemist also was a genious creator of automat music boxes. Encouraged by the Master, the designer convinced a Parisian creation studio, working at this time for Tiffany’s and Baccarat and only training students from the prestigious Ecole Boulle of applied arts, to teach her the different rough and sketch techniques used for luxury jewelry while completing her training at the Institute of gemmology in Paris.

Between Art Deco regarding the geometric and graphic approach in the lines and Caribbean & African art concerning her biases for generous volumes, floral shapes and colored fine gemstones, the high end jewelry pieces of Sandra Bérété appear to come from this naive and joyful imagination specific to the representations of the Lost Paradise as you can see it in the œuvre of Le Douanier Rousseau.

The bespoke pieces of high end artistic jewelry are made by Parisian workshops near PlaceVendôme.

The designer concieves sets, tiaras, engagement rings, seal rings, jewelry watches and men jewelry. For each collection subtle ways of customizing are proposed.



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