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Creative Jewelry Design at Factory Direct Prices

ProSilver Jewelry Co. Ltd.

OEM/ODM 925 Silver Jewelry Manufacturer

ProSilver Jewelry offers exciting and unique designs for you to choose from and market under your own brand. As leading manufacturers for brands and retailers ProSilver Jewelry specialize in comprehensive OEM/ODM jewelry services.

We have years of experience and a qualified team which allow us to create a perfectly finished product to your specifications. We work with jewelry retailers, jewelry brands and jewelry ecommerce entrepreneurs worldwide.
Whether you are looking to get your jewelry made from concept to finished part or only get a mold created, we can help you with that. Contact us today!

– Jewelry Design
– Wax Model
– Master Creation
– Rubber Mold Creation
– Lost Wax Casting
and more!

ProSilver manufactures a beautiful range of quality 925 sterling silver jewelry in several finishes and secondary materials, such as gold and rose gold plating, brushed finish, oxidized silver, gemstones, shells, corals, resin and more. We are actively in business with retailers, wholesalers and stores chains worldwide.

Since our jewelry is made to order, our customers can ask for plating options, finishes or minor modifications tweaking their products for their specific market while acquiring a more varied product range. OEM and ODM services are available, we can manufacture jewelry for jewelry brands and thus offer a complete range of services for jewelry designers and brand / store owners. Our goal is to craft high quality, profitable sterling silver jewelry.

We strive to do this by offering the highest quality merchandise at factory-direct prices, expanding our network of trusted business partners and material suppliers, controlling efficient manufacturing processes, introducing new designs and providing a prompt, reliable customer service experience. Everything we do focuses on our fulfilling our customers’ expectations, a passion for excellence and on constantly improving our operations.

Prosilver’s Latest 925 Silver Gemstone Bracelets

Silver bead bracelets are a versatile and elegant accessory that can complement any outfit. Whether your clients prefer simple strand of beads or a more elaborate design with charms and gemstones -like the ones in our latest uploads- you can find a silver bead bracelet that suits nearly every personality. Silver bead bracelets are also easy to mix and match with other jewelry pieces, creating a unique and fashionable look. Shop for gemstone silver bead bracelets on our website, you can choose from a variety of materials.

The latest designs can be found here,


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  • $850 USD per invoice 30 pieces per design
    Minimum Order Quanity & or Value:
  • Delivery times:
    6-8 weeks
  • Marketing Material Supplied:
  • Display Material Available:
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